Planning at “full ahead”

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Hello, fellow pilots and football enthusiasts! Planning of the 56th annual EMPA football tournament is at "full ahead" here in Ålesund, Norway, and here is a short update for you all.

So far we have ten registered teams, including a “Team EMPA”. Some of you have already started filling in the detailed registration forms with player names and registering for activities and we encourage you all to do this as soon as possible. This will help us in planning the entire event smoothly. We are fully aware that you most likely don’t have all the details of your participation laid out yet and that’s fully understandable. Just remember to fill in the form and tick the “final” check box before the cut off date of March 15 2020. We will off course keep the registration open until this date. After this we will consider all registrations to be final. Payment details including your grand total due are described in your registration form and the due date for payment is April 1 2020.


Former FIFA referee: Ken Henry Johnsen (photo: Morten Holm).

We have also been so lucky as to get the former FIFA ranked referee Ken Henry Johnsen, to help us with the refereeing. He has been a referee in the top Norwegian football league for nine years and refereed the 2015 national cup final. Internationally, he has several UEFA Champions League and other international matches under his belt and he was a part of the Norwegian referee team in the European Championship in 2016. The 2016 season was his last as an active top level referee. Of course, he cannot be on all the pitches at the same time, but he will referee some of the matches in the preliminary round and he will for sure referee the finals.


Be sure to check our webpage’s news section for further news as the tournament draws nearer. We will update the page as new information becomes available. We will also start our newsletter feature so all the registered POCs will get a newsletter in their inbox whenever new articles are posted. Be sure to stay tuned…

We look forward to seeing you all here in Ålesund in May!